Where to start

You are probably here because you are an ATOL registered trader. You also may be confused and perhaps worried.

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Following changes made quite quickly in 2015, all ATOL holders have to have their Annual Accountants Report signed by an accountant who not only is registered with one of the governing bodies for accountancy but also have passed an exam with the CAA.

At present there are about 150 such registered persons in the country, belonging to approximately 100 firms.

This means you have very little choice as to where you can go to get your certificate signed.

We know that in many cases the accountant has signed the return as a favour or for little cost.

The responsibility now placed upon the reporting accountant and the work they are obliged to do means that not only will it take a lot longer but it will cost more.

Now the reporting accountant has to assess your systems, make sure you are following them, make sure you have complied with all the rules and check the numbers carefully.

A few of the many requirements we have to check include:

  • Has the Accountable Person passed the CAA test?
  • Correct issuing of ATOL certificates
  • If there has been a change in any of the following have you notified the CAA within 3 working days of the change?
    • Registered office
    • Director
    • Overdraft facilities
    • Accountant or auditor
    • ATOL reporting accountant.

The accounting governing bodies have stated:

ATOL reporting accountants will need to assess the entire environment from which information concerning licensable and non-licensable revenue is drawn

This is a wide ranging instruction beyond what has ever been sought in the past.

The fees are considerably higher than you will be used to. You will understandably want to shop around for a good price, please remember there are so few registered accountants that can do this work that you are not going to have a wide choice of accountants to select from.

We have developed a pricing structure we feel is fair and reflects efficiencies we have created to help you.

We charge a first year setup fee as we have to get to know all your systems etc.

We then have a base fee followed by an additional variable charge based up the number of bookings taken.

If you would like more information please contact us.